Instant Software Solutions – Sail Tax Updates and Downloads Available

Use one of the links below to update your already installed Sail Tax-IL software.

Also use one of the links below to do a new install of Sail Tax-IL.

1. When you click on the link below to Install or Download Sail Tax-IL for Windows versions. You will be prompted for your User Name and Password. These were included in the email we recently sent to you. Your User Name is your phone number without the area code. The phone number 847-458-5740 would be entered as 458-5740 (include the dash).

2. Your Password is the Sail Tax-IL for Windows serial number you received on the label on the sleeve that the original CD came in. The serial number looks like a phone number. If your serial number is 123-4567, enter it exactly as it shows including the dash. (This password and your user name were also sent via email when this update was released.)

3. Click on the link below to get the Update or do a Full Install:

This version released 2/13/2023

The link below is the install for liability periods beginning January 1, 2023 –with eFiling (and paper returns.)

Install or download Sail Tax-IL for Windows with eFile version 4.52    <<<Use for Sail Tax update or new install

NOTE: To make sure you are getting the latest version displayed in the link above, press the [F5] key at the top of your keyboard.



Version 4.52 installs new rates and dates for municipalities and counties beginning 1/1/23.

Also included are improved ACK retrieval and new version of HttpsPost for TLS 1.2 compliance.

Fixes inability to eFile on some computers. Fixes lost client list when Do Return is clicked.



Version 4.5 installs new rates and dates for municipalities and counties beginning 1/1/23.

Also included are improved ACK retrieval and new version of HttpsPost for TLS 1.2 compliance.



Version 4.41 installs fix for zero return efiling, cosmetic changes to Schedule GT.



Version 4.4 installs new rates and dates for municipalities and counties beginning 7/1/22.

Also included is the new form Schedule GT Sales and Use Tax Holiday and Grocery

Tax Suspension Schedule.



Version 4.31 installs fix for non ST-8 (Tire Tax) filers generating ST-8 zero due returns when

printing and efiling.



Version 4.3 installs new rates and dates for municipalities and counties beginning 1/1/22 liabilities.



Version 4.2 installs new rates and dates for municipalities and counties beginning 7/1/21.



Version 4.1 installs new rates and dates for municipalities and counties beginning 1/1/21.



Version 4.0.1 installs fix for when PCL type return printing was selected, no

Archived returns were being created.



Version 4.0 installs new rates and dates for municipalities and counties

beginning 7/1/20.

Note: The New Municipal Motor Fuel Taxes for Municipalities in Cook

County should be entered in the Sail Tax Gas Station Specials screen

in the Other Home Rule Per Gal Deductions section.



Version 3.92 adds the capability to pay/debit any amount (or zero) when efiling using Sail Tax. 

Can set the Settlement Date (when the payment will be debited) AND the amount to pay.

Allows accommodation of IDOR's Short Term Relief Due to COVID-19 using only Sail Tax.

Keep in mind that the relief is only for ST-1 liabilities and there are other requirements spelled

out in IDOR Informational Bulletin FY 2020-23 available on IDOR's web site.



Version 3.91 fixes rate changes effective 1/1/20 for Bedford Park, Evanston, Marion, North Utica,

and Tilton that were not correct in version 3.9.  Fixes ST-8 incorrectly being triggered for

Tire Tax for JAN 2020 liability.



Version 3.9 installs new rates and dates for municipalities and counties beginning 1/1/20.



Version 3.8 installs new rates and dates for municipalities and counties beginning 7/1/19.



Version 3.7 installs new rates and dates for municipalities and counties beginning 1/1/19.



Version 3.61 installs new rates and dates for municipalities and counties beginning 7/1/18.

Includes ST-1-X  (Amended ST-1) capability.



Version 3.55 installs IDOR form ST-1-X (Amended Return) capability.

Fixes Business District auto-prompt for ST-2 locations.



Version 3.53 installs fix to Version 3.52 for ST-2 type returns PDF printing.



Version 3.52 installs fix to limit PDF returns open to one. This fixes the situation where if

the user PDF prints a second return without closing the first one, Sail Tax was showing

and saving the first return without warning.



Version 3.51 installs fix for efiled ST-2 type returns rejected related to Uncollectible debt field.



Version 3.5 installs new rates and dates for municipalities and counties

beginning 1/1/18 as well as ST-1 back form changes. As a reminder,

IDOR is requiring that most sales tax taxpayers (annual gross receipts

average $20,000 or more) will lose their discount if their returns

are not efiled.



Version 3.41.1 installs fix for efiling rejects of past due returns.



Version 3.41 installs fix for efiling rejects and "HR MFT" auto text

insertion for local Home Rule motor fuel taxes



Version 3.4 installs new rates for July 2017 (over 30 changes.)

Gasohol deduction auto-prorated for July 2017 and eliminated for

August 2017 onward.  ITAC rate up .0008.  New address to send




Version 3.3 installs new rates and dates for 2017.  Also

Includes fix for PDF return printing in Windows 10.



Version 3.2.3 installs fix for Service deduction text handling for

Prescription Drugs.



Version 3.2.2 installs fixes to Version 3.2 including text handling for

ST-1 Schedule A lines 15 and 16, run-time error 713 on efiling.



Version 3.20 installs new rates for municipalities and counties

beginning 7/1/16, the new deduction line for Tax Paid on

Uncollectible Debt, and new add-on to the ST-1 Schedule B

for ITAC Assessment that began 7/1/16.



Version 3.10 installs new rate for most of DuPage County in effect

6/1/2016 due to Water District ending.  (Most of DuPage

County down .25%.)



Version 3.0 installs new rates and dates for 2016.  Also

includes eFiling of ST-7 (multi-location ST-4/MPEA.)



Version 2.90.2 updates rate change for non-Chicago E911 rate.

Now 3% as of 10/1/15 liability.



Version 2.9 installs new rates/dates for July 2015.



Version 2.82 fixes rare rounding issue on ST-14 eFiles and

client transmittal issues when multi-location and ST-8 return.



Version 2.81 fixes issue where ST-4, ST-8, and ST-14 eFiles

were being rejected if the ST-1 had a credit due.



Version 2.8 installs new rates/dates for 2015.  Also, included

is eFiling capability for ST-4, ST-8, and ST-14.  For clients

who you have set to eFile and also have an ST-4, 8, or 14,

you will see the those returns being received by IDOR when

you eFile.  You will also get a separate ACK / Confirmation

for each (including Debit if the client is set to include payment.)



Version 2.70.2 updates rate change for Chicago E911 rate.

Now 9% as of 10/1/14 liability.



Version 2.7.1 fixes rate for Sparta.  Uses more advanced

installation for locked-down computers and computers with

multiple users.



Version 2.7 installs new rates effective 7/1/14, fix for

“Get ACKs” when multiple ACKs are being received,

and all fixes in prior versions.


Note: If using Windows 8, uninstall Sail Tax before

         Installing Sail Tax version 2.7



Version 2.67 installs fix for efile rejects for rare situations

rounding differences involving returns with ST-4, ST-14

and additional home rule.



Version 2.66 installs fix for efile rejects for gasohol deduction

rounding differences on ST-2 type returns and stops voucher

printing when client set to Paper Return and PDF return



Version 2.64 update notes:

Version 2.64 installs fix for systems running Windows 8

where Adobe Reader could not find the PDF return.


Version 2.63 update notes:

Version 2.63 installs fix for automation error when printing

(and efiling) returns using PDF printing (selected in Settings.)


Version 2.62 update notes:


Version 2.62 installs 2.6 and fixes minor rounding issues

for new IDOR version 2.0 efile error checking that were

causing a small number of rejects.  Has better handling

of changing data path in settings.



Version 2.6 update notes:


1) Version 2.6 installs new rates effective 1/1/2014.


2) Returns where quarter-monthly payments exceed the month

liability (negative amount due) can now be efiled.


3) New Help links on Help pull-down menu.


4) Complies with new IDOR version 2.0 efile specifications.




Version 2.5 update notes:


1) Version 2.5 installs new rates effective 7/1/13. See

IDOR bulletin FY 2013-15 for information on Business

District rate changes you may need to make in Sail Tax.


2) PDF printing is now included in Sail Tax.

Notes on PDF:

            a. If you aren’t having any issues printing returns

in Sail Tax, you don’t need to change anything and Sail

Tax will print returns using PCL as it always has.  Archived

Returns will be created as PDF files.

            b. Changing to PDF return printing.  If you have

been having issues printing returns or you want to print to a

printer that doesn’t have PCL you can change to PDF return

printing.  In Sail Tax, click on Settings.  You will see a new

option group named “Print Returns Using:” where you can

click on the “PDF Printing” button.

            c. Using PDF return printing.  When completed PDF

forms show on screen, click on the printer icon to print the

tax form(s).  On the print options screen, set the Page

Scaling to “None” or “Actual Size”.  If you can’t see the scan

line at the bottom of the printed ST-1, you will have to set the

Page Scaling to “Shrink to Fit” or “Fit”.

            d. IDOR requires that paper sales tax forms for

submission be printed on a laser printer with non-magnetic

toner.  File copies can be printed to any printer using PDF.

            e. Sail Tax cannot print duplex (2-sided) PDF’s.

Two page ST-1’s are perfectly acceptable to submit to IDOR

(assuming the taxpayer is not required to efile.)

            f. The PCL or PDF setting in Sail Tax is per each

computer.  If you have multiple computers sharing data on

a network, you can have some using PCL and some using

PDF to print returns.


(Version 2.51 fixes installation of PDF components which

was an issue on some computers.)


The link just below is Instructions for eFiling and links to IDOR forms to enroll in eFiling.

View / Download Sail Tax eFile instructions and form links

General Update Notes:

1. Depending on your browser version, keep picking Open and/or Run to install right from our web site. -OR-  Save the file “setup-Sail-???.exe” (??? will be the version number you clicked on.) to your disk and install from where you saved the file by clicking Start, then Run or by double clicking on the file in My Computer or Windows Explorer.

2. If you have any kind of high speed internet connection (DSL, cable, etc.), it’s easiest to just Open/Run the file to install the update right from the web site.

3. This will update your existing Sail Tax–IL for Windows program or install the entire Sail Tax–IL for Windows program; whichever is required.  The installation program will determine which is needed.

4. If you run Sail Tax-IL on a network, install the update to each workstation that uses Sail Tax-IL.  Do not change any of the defaults for where parts of the program are to be installed. (Let it install everything to C:)  If you are sharing data on a network drive, the install will retain the correct data path even though you chose to install everything on C:

5. This update will retain all of your settings info (data path, preparer info, etc.)

6. Call or email us if you need help!


(847) 458-5740 or (800) 963-1212

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