INSTANT Software Users Are Saying...

We didn't think it would help us much and our staff didn't want to get it.. .We decided to buy SAIL TAX and QtrMaster anyway and now our staff loves it. They won't do returns without it! --Accounting Firm in Skokie, IL

SAIL TAX is the first program we've gotten that wasn't a pain in the @#!*%&. --CPA in Chicago, IL

It's great! We do 32 sales tax returns per month. We charge $50.00 each, that's $1,600.00. Now I don't have to do them anymore, my staff does them. SAIL TAX paid for itself the first week we had it! --CPA in Skokie, IL

The completely laser printed form looks great! This is just what we've been looking for. --Accounting Firm in Milwaukee, WI

I have a client being audited for sales tax and SAIL TAX showed me what I had been doing wrong in calculating this client's return. I wish I had been using SAIL TAX sooner. --CPA in Lincolnwood, IL

The other day I sat down and cranked out 20 sales tax returns in 20 minutes using SAIL TAX! --CPA in Palos Park, IL

We love it! INSTANT Software's programs are so fast and easy to use. They're just the kind of programs everyone is looking for.. they get the job done quickly, easily, and accurately. The laser output is fantastic.. .We use it to help us win new clients. --Accountant in Chicago, IL

SAIL TAX is the best investment I've made in software. --CPA in Chicago, IL

I love it! --Staff Member, CPA Firm in Skokie, IL

We're always up against the deadline for sales tax returns. SAIL TAX is a big help to us. --CPA in Chicago, IL

It's like cutting through butter with a hot knife. --Accountant in Rockford, IL

SAIL TAX is excellent! We need more of this kind of software. What else do you have? --Accounting Firm in Chicago, IL

I was able to install and run SAIL TAX without even opening the manual. It's that easy to use! --Staff Member, Accounting Firm in Madison, WI

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